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CMT specializes in timing pulleys and keyless locking devices.

Concentric Maxi Torque Stock Product Catalog Custom Timing Pulleys Pulley Stock & Flanges

Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. has been a US manufacturer of timing pulleys, drive systems and components for the motion control and power transmission markets since 1964.

Our product offering contains all types of popular timing pulley tooth designs including:

  • Trapezoidal Profile - MXL (.080"), XL (.200"), L (.375") and H (.500")
  • HTD® metric curvilinear Profile - 3M, 5M, 8M
  • Gates PowerGrip® (PGGT) Profile - 2MM, 3MM, 5MM, 8MM
  • Goodyear Super Torque Pd® - 3M, 5M, 8M
  • Metric Profile - T2, T2.5, T5, T10, T20 Profile
  • AT Metric Profile - AT5, AT10, AT20 Profile
  • 40 DP Profile (.0816")
  • ZERO BACKLASH also available

We can provide these timing pulleys in all popular belt widths and any custom belt width desired.

CMT's continuous investment in manufacturing capital equipment allows us to make a full range of timing pulleys, timing belts, timing pulley stock, and timing pulley flanges in Aluminum, stainless steel, steel, plastic, brass and bronze for both stock and custom applications. We also produce custom v-ribbed pulleys, tapered bushings, sprockets, and industrial power transmission components.

New Tapered Locking Shaft/Hub Connection Device

Concentric Maxi Torque tapered locking connection device
Concentric Maxi Torque
Tapered locking connection device
     Keyless shaft/hub locking device uses patented tapered bushing
Keyless shaft/hub locking
device uses patented tapered bushing

Recently, we developed and patented (US patent #6,568,063) a new and revolutionary shaft/hub connection device, which allows for precise component positioning and tight run out control on demanding applications. At the same time it is simple to install and remove, and does not damage the shaft when applied, in contrast with setscrews. Our keyless shaft/hub connection device has superior features and benefits compared to other connection systems such as keyways, pins, set screws, clamp collars, and other tapered shaft locking devices.

The new system, called Concentric Maxi Torque, is available for immediate inclusion on our full offering of timing belt pulleys and can be designed into any custom application.

We are confident that you will not find another shaft/hub locking connection device or system that provides a better solution to your motion control and power transmission shaft attachment requirements.

All of the specifics on our timing belt pulley products and our new shaft/hub connection device can be reviewed on the viewable pages of this site.

Customer Driven Innovation and Timing Pulley Solutions

Custom timing pulley with patented keyless tapered locking connection device      Custom timing pulley with
patented Keyless tapered
locking connection device

We specialize in timing belt pulleys and shaft/hub connection devices for high speed and demanding applications. Major fortune 500 companies who have had to innovate and enhance their machinery performance have turned to Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. for solutions to their demanding needs since its beginning. The addition to our product offering of the new Concentric Maxi Torque shaft/hub connection system is just one in a long series of innovations that has grown out of listening to our customers' needs and reacting to them with robust and cost effective solutions.

If you are at our web site because you need to solve a timing belt pulley system problem or are looking for a cost effective, on time, supplier of high quality motion control and power transmission products, fill out our quote page or contact us. We will respond to your request promptly.

The proper performance of timing pulleys and their shaft/hub connection devices is critical to reliable machine performance, reduced maintenance and long trouble free life.

Gates LogoDon't trust your machinery performance to substandard components. Work with the leader in the field of timing pulleys and an innovator in shaft/hub connection devices.

Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. is that leader and innovator!