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Concentric Maxi Torque Challenges & Solutions

Mail Sorting Equipment

Increased Product Life
and Efficiency

Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc.
redesigned the rollers to include the
Concentric Maxi Torque keyless
hub-to-shaft connection system ..... read more





Paper Handling Equipment

Maintenance, Vibration and Run Out Vastly Reduced

‚ÄčCustom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. provided the Concentric Maxi Torque keyless hub-to-shaft connection system due to the ... read more





Precision Automated Medical Instruments

Improved Concentricity and Positional Accuracy

By integrating the Concentric Maxi Torque keyless 
hub-to-shaft connection system,
the customer was able to improve ... read more





Robotic Exoskeleton Equipment

Zero Backlash and High Clamping Torques

Research and Development Engineers at Queens University of Canada developed a robotic exoskeleton used to analyze human limb ... read more