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Challenges and Solutions

Paper Handling Equipment

Maintenance, Vibration and
Run Out Vastly Reduced

Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc.
provided the Concentric Maxi Torque
keyless hub-to-shaft connection system due to the ... read more






Precision Automated Medical Instruments

Improved Concentricity and Positional Accuracy

By integrating the Concentric Maxi Torque keyless
hub-to-shaft connection system, the customer was able to improve ... read more





Ophthalmic Lens Processing Equipment

‚ÄčZero Loss of Registration Plus Cost of Effectiveness

A manufacturer of ophthalmic lens processing equipment was working with a unique cable spool and pulley assembly consisting of eleven separate ... read more




Mail Sorting Equipment

Increased Product Life
and Efficiency

Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. redesigned the rollers to include the Concentric Maxi Torque keyless
hub-to-shaft connection system ... read more





High-Speed Corrugating Machinery

Precision, Concentricity and Reduced Run Out

A manufacturer of finished equipment for the corrugated machinery was bolting two idler pulleys of different widths ... read more





Robotic Exoskeleton Equipment

Zero Backlash and High Clamping Torques

BKIN Technologies is transforming the assessment of brain injuries by putting robotic technology in the hands of neuroscientists and clinician scientists around the world ... read more





Digital Printer Equipment

Easier to Adjust and is Compact

Presstek, a manufacturer of digital printing equipment, was looking for an improvement in the design of a drive pulley used in one of ... read more









Custom Designed and Built to Last Drive Pulley

Through decades of innovation, CMT has revamped its processes and equipment  to provide quality parts at competitve prices.... read more